One Room Challenge Glam Hallway Reveal

Here we are at last! It has been a very busy few weeks and I am thrilled to finally have this project completed. If you need to catch up, you can follow my progress here:

Week 1 – Spring ORC Challenge

Week 2 – The Great Carpet Debate

Week 3 – Progress & Disappointment

Week 4 – Stencil & Trim

Week 5 – Painting Complete so Decorating Begins

Before I reveal my completed hallway design, let me remind you of the original space and design plan.

Green and white were the colors of this house when we moved in.

Based on a Powder Room sign I purchased a while back to hang over the bathroom door at the end of the hall, I planned to dramatically change the look of this space.

Elements of my Glam Art Deco Hallway Design Plan

After hours and hours of painting, additions, updates and a few finishing touches we now have a very dark and dramatic Glam Art Deco Hallway.

Glam Art Deco Hallway

Glam Hallway Decor - Left Side

Glam Hallway Decor - Right Side

Crystal Ceiling Fixture Close-up

Powder Room Door

Stencil n Outlet Cover DetailArtwork Stencil Carpet DetailWhole Room View

This has been an absolutely amazing experience!  I am thrilled to have been a part of this cooperative design challenge.  The support and encouragement I have received from my fellow participants have been so touching and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their progress and helping them make their decisions when doubt has crept in.  I have learned so much and I am very glad that I shared this transformation with all of you!  Thank you for following along and thank you One Room Challenge for creating this fantastic event!

~The End~


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  1. Love the Art Deco look. You must be thrilled with the transformation!

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