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Furniture Facelift

I picked up this little loveseat for $20 from my local thrift store. It was covered in an awful red brocade fabric that had been GLUED on! It was awful so I tore that off and found a lovely faded teal velour underneath. I kept it on the porch for a while until I knew […]

BIG book solution

Recently we have had a book landslide situation going on in my son’s room. Really the problem was an inadequate bedside table.  I have been keeping an eye out for narrow bookcases but none of them seem to have the capacity to hold oversized books.  Much like these vintage books my husband and I insist […]

Gallery Wall Art

A trend that will never die.  Whether it is family photos or artwork, a collection of items hanging on a wall together looks good. Arrangement can be difficult and seem daunting.  How am I going to fill that space and make sure that it all fits and looks good?! My new house had a HUGE wall […]

Kid Chaos

If you have kids you know that reigning in the chaos is absolutely impossible.  Nevertheless, I do make attempts at teaching my son the value of a tidy space and cleaning up your messes.  This corner of my sons’ room is his toy corner.  That blue patterned box has a big marble building game in […]

The Road to Success

While my business may be a one woman show, I do not have all the answers or skills to create everything that I desire.  Photography is something I am still learning and, while my cell phone pics are not too shabby, I needed to recruit a professional to take some high definition beauties. In walks […]