ORC Week 5 – Painting Complete so Decorating Begins

This week was again MORE PAINTING but I am pleased that I have finally finished!! I normally don't mind painting but this project required A LOT of painting. Paint wall white (2 coats) Paint 5 doors, trim, baseboard & chair rail black (2 coats) Paint ceiling 3 times!! Paint teal half wall (2 coats) Paint … Continue reading ORC Week 5 – Painting Complete so Decorating Begins

ORC Week 4 – Stencil & Trim

4th Week of the One Room Challenge and guess what I worked on? MORE PAINTING!! Painting more doors black plus the molding around them and I purchased, cut, and painted chair rail. I also started the stenciling on the wall. Sooo much painting but now the space is really starting to take shape! I have … Continue reading ORC Week 4 – Stencil & Trim

ORC Week 3 – Progress & Disappointment

This week was more painting. Black doors, teal half wall, and gold ceiling. Most everything went smoothly with the exception of the ceiling color. I purchased Ralph Lauren Metallic gold paint last year for another project. I was hoping for a rich gold color but when applied it was very light, like a glaze, giving … Continue reading ORC Week 3 – Progress & Disappointment

ORC Week 2 – The Great Carpet Debate

So the majority of my time this week was spent on painting and all the prep that goes along with that. I washed the entire hall, sanded down old paint drips, filled in dents, then taped and painted. Nothing glamorous. The best progress shot I can share would be the doors. What once was white, … Continue reading ORC Week 2 – The Great Carpet Debate