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A trend that will never die.  Whether it is family photos or artwork, a collection of items hanging on a wall together looks good.

Arrangement can be difficult and seem daunting.  How am I going to fill that space and make sure that it all fits and looks good?!

My new house had a HUGE wall that needed to be filled so I had to figure it out.  I started by picking out my biggest pieces of artwork and laying them out on the floor.  I moved them around until I found an arrangement I liked.  Then I took a picture of that arrangement so I wouldn’t forget it!

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These are just examples of the arrangements I tried out because as you can see from the featured image, neither of these arrangements ended up on the wall. 

Next I cut out the shapes of what I wanted to hang so that I could arrange them on the wall without banging a million holes in the wall.

mapping wall art on walls

Again, you can see that even at this step my decision was not finalized.

Lay out the items, try different arrangements, take some pictures, make some paper cut outs, try hanging them again then finally decide and hang the gallery wall.  *sigh*  I am not going to lie, it was a lot of work but that is why I do what I do.  So you don’t have to!

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dining room interior design tips

Our dining area is in an odd space.  Our home didn’t come with a great room or a separate dining room. There was a living room and a kitchen with a doorway between the two. Since my family gets together weekly for dinner, we needed to make a space for our big dining table.  Here is what the space looked like before we moved in.

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Dining Room

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Living Room


dining room renovation


We needed to knock out that big opening and make it bigger; So we did!!



Now we can fit our big family dining table in the space but the kitchen is still separate from the living room.  So when everyone is over, they are sitting in the living room while I am in the next space not seeing them and feeling excluded.

I wanted a dining bench to bridge the gap.  A comfy place to sit and enjoy the conversations in both rooms.  SO now I bring it back to the purpose of this post, a dining bench.  I didn’t like anything I found on the market.  Either it was too boring or too white or had armrests that would bruise your thighs as you slid into the seat.  *grrr* The obvious solution for me was to make exactly what I wanted.

It was a long process and if I am honest with myself, I don’t love what I made but I do like it. It definitely fulfills my desires and I am pretty darn proud of myself and what I accomplished!

dining room interior design ideas

living room interior design ideas with dining table