You might have an old couch like this one . . .

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This couch was free or super cheap from a yard sale. It is crazy comfy but sooo ugly! You have shopped for a new couch but can’t bring yourself to spend that much money for something you don’t really NEED.

You have probably considered reupholstering the thing but you aren’t really sure how to go about making that happen. Where to go, what fabric, how would I transport it???

This is where I come in. I can help you make your fabric selections and handle the logistics of it all. That ugly couch above belongs to a client of mine and we gave it a stunning facelift!


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We chose a super soft brushed cotton fabric with a high durability then added the super sexy black tuxedo piping. Gorgeous!

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This was a free couch that for only $800 was transformed into a stunning showpiece that would have cost about $2000 (or more) if purchased new from a retail store.


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  1. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    I love that you talked about how you got a cheap couch transformed into an appealing one. My wife and I want to make a change to our living room, and we noticed there was a garage sale across our street, we went by, and we found a super comfy couch, like the one you mentioned. But it’s not very eye-attractive, so we were looking at options to make it less ugly, and we stumbled upon your article. We think this might be the perfect option for us! We’re grateful for your tips about how to reupholster a couch.

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