One of my current client projects is a very dark and dramatic game room. The client has these super funky vintage green glass lamps and I could not remember if they had lampshades for them. On the way to a work session at their place I stopped by a second hand shop and purchased a pair of off-white linen drum lampshades for $6.99 a piece. Once I arrived I discovered that they did have lampshades albeit old dowdy looking ones. No problem, I’ll take my newly acquired lampshades and see if I can make them into something super cool. It will be a fun project and a great learning experience.

Project Plan

Okay gang, today I’m experimenting with how I want to decorate these lamp shades. I found these lamp shades and I want to make them cooler and more in line with the dark game room that I’ve been styling for a friend. I am imagining a punk rock graffiti design. I will need a gritty background before I can add the graffiti and I was inspired by my paint drop cloth which is covered in a lot of black and red paint markings. The ingredients I am going to start with I have on hand already. Some Red Rit Dye, Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Ink and a spray water bottle. I took a spare piece of blank drop cloth and started playing with techniques of how to get different ink spots, splatters, and wine rings. Once I’m comfortable with how to get the effects I’m looking for I start to tackle the lampshades. Let’s let’s see how it all turns out!

Project Process

I create a splatter effect with the red dye and ink and then squirt the splatter with a water bottle to let it bleed out and become a bigger splatter effect. After I create enough splatter to sufficiently create a gritty background I let the lampshade dry overnight.

ink splatter lampshades

The next day I took the lampshades outside and spray-painted my graffiti words on them. Overall I am pleased with the effect that I created. I wanted it to be gritty and that’s exactly how it looks. My husband kindly informed me that he didn’t like them because they were too Graffiti-ish. Ha! He thought they should be more old world looking. This makes me laugh because he had a preconceived notion of what I was going to make and it didn’t match up with what he thought it was going to be but it matched up perfectly with what my intention was. Thank you very much husband! I am not thrilled that the red dye turned pink after drying out. I really liked the darker red color in the above pictures. However, as you can see in the below picture, there is pink in the game room area rugs so I am hopeful!

DIY ink splatter and graffiti lampshades

These are for a role-playing game room so the term crit hit refers to rolling a 18+ on a D20 die.

Final Touches

As I mentioned in my video I wanted to add chain trim to the edges. The local craft store did not have a size and color that I liked and even a search on Etsy did not get me exactly what I wanted. Everything I found was either way too big or too small. Nonetheless, I added 8x5mm chain to only one of the shades to see if I liked it with or without. I can’t say I hate it or that it adds a significant flair. I do however LOVE the shades with the lamps in this bad ass gaming room! What do you think? Leave a comment below. Let me know if you love or hate or if you have a cool idea for another lampshade revamp!

grafitti lampshade gallery wall leather chesterfield

grafitti lampshade with chain traim

grafitti lampshade leather chesterfield

graffiti lampshade