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There is no denying I am a fierce, independent woman who likes to handle things on my own but I could not survive, succeed and thrive without my friends!

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“The short: Kat saves your brain and makes your house pretty. I could not throw puppies and kittens and $$$ through her windows fast enough to thank her.

The long: I bought a new house with my husband, and I was tired of having rooms my whole life that looked like places that were just holding areas for my stuff. Kat did an initial consultation and interview to find out our tastes and interests, what aesthetics we liked and didn’t like, and where those likes and dislikes dovetail (turns out my husband likes Nouveau Austere Sterility, and I like octopuses). Then she put together a palette and design concept for each room, and responded very quickly to feedback, whether it was “Oh, wow, I love that” or “Actually, I kind of hate floral.” She was also supportive when I went rogue, either telling me that she thought something was a great idea, or gently honest if my rogue idea was actually crap. She made it so easy to find pieces and gave us ideas that suited us but would have never in a million years occurred to us. She designed one room that used to be a crappy formal dining room for the old owners into a piano-room-reading-room type thing where I lay around on a cushy divan and pretend I’m Cleopatra. It’s my absolute favorite.

When it came to designing my daughters’ rooms, she interviewed them directly and got a feel for their personalities and what they liked, and then gave us really affordable options to translate those personalities into bright, beautiful, coherent, and functional (but distinct!) designs that thankfully don’t look like I designed them. Their rooms look like some spectacular fairy flounced in and was like “POOF! You’re fabulous! And POOF! You’re fabulous! And POOF! EVERYTHING IS FABULOUS.”

And actually, that sums up what Kat did. Hire this woman!”

Jen W. – Rockville, MD

I found Kat online searching for an interior designer in my area. I called her and we set up an appointment. Right away she was great, very impressed with how she handled herself. I was all over the place talking about ideas, she listened & gave me ten pictures of rooms to go though. With each picture she said, say the first thought that comes to you. She asked me questions about my likes & dislikes. I told her I work with Draft horses & I like being outside. She came back with a design that was spot on. We incorporated my horses and my husband’s live edge shelving that he makes. The paint color, the rug, all of her ideas were just perfect. We love our new living space. We have & will continue to recommend Kat. She’s great at what she does, very professional, and  her fee is reasonable.

Regina & Wayne Barnes – New Windsor, MD

I worked with Kat the last few weeks.  Let me start with saying that she is a very nice person to begin with.  On the work front she is intuitive and listens to what appeals to you.  She kind of makes you take ownership of your space.  She did a fantastic job with my living and dining room.  Because of the harmony she created in my living room, we are finally spending a lot of time there as a family minus the T.V.  I can’t wait to work with her on my bedrooms in near future.  Worth every penny I spent!!

Rupali D. – Olney, MD

So I have no eye for interior design. I know if I like something but that’s about it. My wife has good tastes, but wouldn’t be confident in taking responsibility for the interior design of our home. So when we bought a new house, and decided we wanted something more personalised than we had previously, I don’t think either of us could have done so without help.

That’s where Kathleen came in, and she’s been amazingly helpful. She began by holding an initial consultation prior to us moving into the new house, talking to my wife and me to find out where our preferences intersected (we have very different tastes – I’d have been ok with everything being white, while my wife likes busier and more colourful designs), as well as talking independently with our two kids to determine their tastes and needs.

Our budget meant we couldn’t splurge on a complete redesign, and Kathleen’s recommendations have been really helpful with this. She provided a range of ideas for rugs, curtains, and furniture within various price brackets, and was highly receptive to our responses. If we didn’t like something, and could explain why, she’d invariably come back with a much better alternative. Moreover, she gave us some excellent suggestions for incorporating pre-existing features and colours with more personalised touches, which has helped make rooms feel significantly different without much expense or effort.

The kids’ rooms have turned out brilliantly. Easy to implement colour schemes and affordable furniture choices meant that we were able to have them painted and set up within the first few weeks of moving in. By identifying how they like to spend their time and using this to influence furniture choices, the rooms feel well-suited to their personalities, not just a barrage of their favourite colours.

Most importantly, we also have colour palettes and additional ideas for every room from Kathleen, so we now feel confident going into future purchases of gradually incorporating ideas we discussed into our house. It’s been a pleasure working with Kathleen, and our house looks better than anything we could have come up with by ourselves.

I highly recommend Kathleen for your interior design needs.

Tom W. – Rockville, MD