If you have kids you know that reigning in the chaos is absolutely impossible.  Nevertheless, I do make attempts at teaching my son the value of a tidy space and cleaning up your messes.  This corner of my sons’ room is his toy corner.  That blue patterned box has a big marble building game in it.  The green Lego box is full of mega Legos, obviously.  The trunk has toys and books in it and the plastic bins on top have blocks and PlayDoh in them.  The shopping cart is usually full of random tiny toys that don’t really have a home.  All of these boxes and bins make clean up easier for my son.  He can grab the home they belong in and just toss them in.  I am happy he is cleaning up his own messes plus once all stacked up and put away, the collections of bins are pretty pleasing to the eye!

kids bedroom interior designer

This method of organization is utilized by me as well.  I have boxes and bins for all kinds of things.  This means that our house is full of decorative boxes and bins of all shapes and sizes.  If it’s a pretty box, I buy it.  I am sure I have something I can throw in there and if I don’t right now, I am sure that it will be used eventually.

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So the moral of this post?  Never feel guilty buying a pretty box, bin or basket.

You’re welcome.