So the majority of my time this week was spent on painting and all the prep that goes along with that. I washed the entire hall, sanded down old paint drips, filled in dents, then taped and painted. Nothing glamorous. The best progress shot I can share would be the doors. What once was white, now is black!
One Room Challenge Guest Participant
Aside from this, I tried to finalize my carpet decision. When I found this stunning runner on Wayfair for only $163.99 I decided to get 2 instead of continuing my struggle search for a 14-16′ beauty which wouldn’t make my wallet cry.

The carpets arrived 2 days later (so fast!!!) and are much nicer than I expected given the reasonable price. The color is absolutely spot on, the floral pattern is perfection, and it is very thick and cushy underfoot. THIS then became a problem I had not considered when evaluating carpets.

All of the doors in the hallway swing inward into the rooms they entrance except for the door leading to the basement. This door swings outward into the hallway and cannot open as a result of the cushy carpet I chose.
Now we must decide if we should return the carpets and continue the search for another option OR should we cut the bottom of the door?? What do you think?

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