This week was more painting. Black doors, teal half wall, and gold ceiling. Most everything went smoothly with the exception of the ceiling color.
I purchased Ralph Lauren Metallic gold paint last year for another project. I was hoping for a rich gold color but when applied it was very light, like a glaze, giving only a light gold sheen. This was not what I wanted so that project took a new direction and this paint was shelved. For this project I thought a light gold glaze to the ceiling would be gorgeous. A subtle hint of glam.

art deco paint colors

Here you can see the light sheen of gold from painting the fire alarms.

Alas, the application of this paint to the ceiling DID NOT look the same as above and I was very disappointed with the outcome. As you can see, the paint color was VERY dark and not subtle in the slightest.


Despite my disgust, I soldiered on and completed the ceiling.

Not only do I HATE the color but the consistency of the paint during application was awful. It was impossible to eliminate the striped, streaky effect of the roller. Most quality paints allow for rolling back over the same spot to layer the paint and soften the streaks but this paint did not allow for that at all. It was frustrating to work with and I was extremely disappointed that such a luxury brand was not better quality.
This disappointment was a lesson in deep breathing and preserving. I am continuing as planned and in the meantime, I will be investigating options for fixing the ceiling. I am, however, in love with the ceiling lights I selected!
art deco ceiling lights
So it wasn’t all bad! I definitely need to get creative and put my thinking cap on. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I welcome help😛

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