4th Week of the One Room Challenge and guess what I worked on? MORE PAINTING!!
Painting more doors black plus the molding around them and I purchased, cut, and painted chair rail. I also started the stenciling on the wall. Sooo much painting but now the space is really starting to take shape!
I have not attempted stencil painting before so this was an interesting learning experience. I purchased an allover wall stencil from Royal Design Studio called Gatsby Glam Art Deco. I really wanted to do wallpaper for this project and found a TON of amazing papers but none that worked seamlessly with the living room decor. I researched stencils next and this deco design was a perfect companion to my powder room sign plus allowed me to pick my color combination.
Royal Design Studio Stencils has a great YouTube video illustrating how quick and easy stenciling can be. They painted an entire 8’x10′ wall (this is a guesstimation) in just over an hour!! After seeing this video, I was confident that my 2 half walls would take me 1-2 hours at the most. This was not the case.
art deco patterns
The painting itself is quick and easy but my arm got so tired so fast that I had to take small breaks to relax the muscles of my arm and also get the blood flowing again. One half-wall took me about an hour (maybe a little more). There was a little bit of gold paint left over from the ceiling paint so I used that. It worked perfectly and I was happy to use that awful paint in a fantastic way! It made me feel better about the whole debacle. I absolutely adore how things are shaping up and I am thrilled that my friends and family that are privy to the transformation always gasp is admiration. While things are coming together nicely I am still quite nervous about finishing on time. I still need to:

  1. Repaint/fix the ceiling
  2. Stencil the second half wall
  3. Hang the chair rail and paint
  4. Take off the 5th door in the hallway, cut 1/2″ off the bottom, rehang it then paint it black.
  5. Touch-up and fix all the blemishes/mistakes

I must say that the list feels easier now that I have itemized it out for this blog post but it still is a lot to accomplish in 1 week. Keep your fingers crossed for me and let me know what you think of the progress so far!
characteristics of art deco interior design

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