This week was again MORE PAINTING but I am pleased that I have finally finished!! I normally don’t mind painting but this project required A LOT of painting.  Here is my painting checklist below:

  1. Paint wall white (2 coats)
  2. Paint 5 doors, trim, baseboard & chair rail black (2 coats)
  3. Paint ceiling 3 times!!
  4. Paint teal half wall (2 coats)
  5. Paint gold stencil on half wall (one side of the hallway I had to do twice because I painted it lighter than the other *shaking my head*)

OY VEY! My shoulders have been permanently knotted and I can’t wait to schedule a massage.
I was going to write a summary this week of the entire process, all the tools used, the cost of everything, and provide purchase links for everything but as I was writing it I started to bore myself and my eyes began to cross. Plus, the post was getting really, really long! If that is information that you want, please let me know and I will take the time to finish and share. Instead, I think I will talk about the fun stuff: decorations!
The hallway looks great but it is definitely naked and empty. Time to hang artwork and lay down the rugs.
art deco inspired interiors
I found this beautiful piece of artwork at Homegoods for $80 (the larger piece in the picture below) and all of the colors are perfect! Then at TJ Maxx I found some small canvases of a similar style but they really need some of the darker teal to tie it all together. I am going to try my hand at creative painting today and add some of the Behr Ocean Abyss paint to these small canvases.
art deco interior colors
Then, after hanging up a few pieces of artwork, I took about a million photographs and found all of them useless! The 1:1 ratio shape required for thumbnails and Instagram make it impossible for my long rectangular hallway to present an appealing photograph. Not to mention there is no natural light in the hallway so all my photos have to be taken with the lights on giving everything an orange glow. Photoshop can correct some of this but let me tell you I had a super frustrating day. The next week of photo taking and editing will be quite challenging.
The end is near for this One Room Challenge and I am looking forward to a fun creative week putting the finishing touches on my hallway redesign!  See you next week!

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  1. Jeweled Interiors
    Jeweled Interiors says:

    I love the shell pattern, the colors, and the art! I can’t wait to see it finished up!!!! It’s going to be sooooo pretty!

  2. postboxdesigns
    postboxdesigns says:

    Love those paintings! And I have been there too with taking photos…thank goodness for Photoshop! ? Best of luck with the rest of ORC!

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