Taking cues from your interests, style, and dreams, I will design a room (or rooms!) that comfort and inspire you.  We can collaborate on a plan for you to make that vision a reality, or I can plan and execute the design for you!  Together we will create an environment that reflects moments in your life that make you smile. A space that’s pleasing to your eye and makes you feel good.


A brief meeting to brainstorm ideas for making your space all that you want it to be.

Room Refresh

Love what you have but don’t feel the space is all that it could be?  Let’s take a few hours to change things up and make your same old stuff feel brand new!

DIY Design Planning

A complete design plan that you can create in your own time as your schedule and budget permits.

Full-Service Design Planning

If you know that you just won’t do it, let me take the wheel.  We will create a design plan that perfectly suits your needs and then I will make it happen!