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Here we are at last! It has been a very busy few weeks and I am thrilled to finally have this project completed. If you need to catch up, you can follow my progress here:
Week 1 – Spring ORC Challenge
Week 2 – The Great Carpet Debate
Week 3 – Progress & Disappointment
Week 4 – Stencil & Trim
Week 5 – Painting Complete so Decorating Begins
Before I reveal my completed hallway design, let me remind you of the original space and design plan.


Green and white were the colors of this house when we moved in.

Based on a Powder Room sign I purchased a while back to hang over the bathroom door at the end of the hall, I planned to dramatically change the look of this space.


Elements of my Glam Art Deco Hallway Design Plan

After hours and hours of painting, additions, updates and a few finishing touches we now have a very dark and dramatic Glam Art Deco Hallway.
Glam Art Deco Hallway
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This has been an absolutely amazing experience!  I am thrilled to have been a part of this cooperative design challenge.  The support and encouragement I have received from my fellow participants have been so touching and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their progress and helping them make their decisions when doubt has crept in.  I have learned so much and I am very glad that I shared this transformation with all of you!  Thank you for following along and thank you One Room Challenge for creating this fantastic event!

~The End~

One Room Interior Design Challenge

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Some of you may be familiar with the ORC Challenge and some may not. For those of you that are like, huh? let me give you the lowdown.
Calling It Home organizes a One Room Design Challenge for interior design bloggers. Everybody loves a before and after and this delivers in spades! The transformations of the participants are amazing. If you are looking for interiors inspiration you should definitely check it out here. There are typically 20 invited designers that have proven themselves extremely talented and successful but if you are a newbie to the industry like me, you can register to participate in the challenge as a guest designer.
One Room Design Challenge
I decided to start my own Interior Design business about a year ago in anticipation of my son starting Kindergarten September 2018. I was going to give myself about a year and a half to get my ducks in a row before launching. Take my time, no stress. Then one of my close friends bought a new house and asked for my help. SO, the timetable shifted and I made things official way before I ever intended. Why am I telling you all of this? Because now I find myself trying to launch a business and build a clientele with only 3 free days a week (the days my son is in pre-school).
It’s cool, I got this.
Therefore my first attempt at the One Room Challenge will be a small space. My hallway. An often overlooked space that doesn’t really get any dramatic decor. My hallway is very wide and offers a lot of wall space so I was thinking I wanted to hang a lot of family photos in here; something that my husband really wants somewhere in our house. Here is what it looks like now.

hallway design interiors

When I was hunting for inspiration I just couldn’t find any truly inspiring spaces. Most hallways I found were board and batten, colorless, or too sedate for my tastes. Therefore, I decided to draw my inspiration from an Art Deco sign I purchased last year from Luckett’s. A perfect sign to hang above the bathroom at the end of the hall!art deco powder room signSince the hallway opens directly into the living room I want to bring in a similar color scheme. I have recently started painting the trim in the living room black so that is going to extend into the hallway.
The teal curtains in my living room also have gold in them and a somewhat Art Nouveau-ish feel so this will be my splash of color.
I will bring the gold with some sparkly new light fixtures and a gold stencil on the walls.
A colorful rug the length of the hall will tie it all together.  I will admit this portion of the plan is still under debate.  The hallway is 16′ in length so do I purchase two 8′ rugs or hunt down a 12-14′ rug that happens to match.  I’m still searching for options!
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I’m super excited to see how it will turn out! Stay tuned to see the progress as I will be posting weekly updates until the final reveal on May 10th.

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I picked up this little loveseat for $20 from my local thrift store. It was covered in an awful red brocade fabric that had been GLUED on! It was awful so I tore that off and found a lovely faded teal velour underneath. I kept it on the porch for a while until I knew how I wanted to fix it up.

interior design on a budget

My first hunt for fabric led me to this super groovy Bailey & Griffin orange patterned fabric from Duralee. Alas, it was $50 per yard and I was not interested in spending that much money on this particular project.

budget interior design

Eventually, I ended up with a periwinkle outdoor velvet that I ordered from Joann Fabrics using 2 coupons so it cost me just under $100 for 4 yards of fabric.  Woot!  I also decided to paint the wood since it was a bit beat up looking and needed an update just as much as the fabric did.  I used General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint to give this loveseat a more modern updated look.  This was my first time using milk paint and I was amazed how easy it was to use!  It dried really quickly so I was able to do several coats in one day.  Plus a little went a long way and I have a ton of paint left so I am sure you will be seeing this color again soon;)  I am quite pleased with how it turned out! What do you think? Is it #sassysuburban ?

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Next project is the One Room Challenge!  I’ll be adding glamour and drama to my hallway, so stay tuned.

modern contemporary interior design

You might have an old couch like this one . . .

diy interior design


This couch was free or super cheap from a yard sale. It is crazy comfy but sooo ugly! You have shopped for a new couch but can’t bring yourself to spend that much money for something you don’t really NEED.

You have probably considered reupholstering the thing but you aren’t really sure how to go about making that happen. Where to go, what fabric, how would I transport it???

This is where I come in. I can help you make your fabric selections and handle the logistics of it all. That ugly couch above belongs to a client of mine and we gave it a stunning facelift!


interior decoration design

We chose a super soft brushed cotton fabric with a high durability then added the super sexy black tuxedo piping. Gorgeous!

interior design furniture

This was a free couch that for only $800 was transformed into a stunning showpiece that would have cost about $2000 (or more) if purchased new from a retail store.


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A trend that will never die.  Whether it is family photos or artwork, a collection of items hanging on a wall together looks good.

Arrangement can be difficult and seem daunting.  How am I going to fill that space and make sure that it all fits and looks good?!

My new house had a HUGE wall that needed to be filled so I had to figure it out.  I started by picking out my biggest pieces of artwork and laying them out on the floor.  I moved them around until I found an arrangement I liked.  Then I took a picture of that arrangement so I wouldn’t forget it!

does interior designer change the walls

elements of interior design

These are just examples of the arrangements I tried out because as you can see from the featured image, neither of these arrangements ended up on the wall. 

Next I cut out the shapes of what I wanted to hang so that I could arrange them on the wall without banging a million holes in the wall.

mapping wall art on walls

Again, you can see that even at this step my decision was not finalized.

Lay out the items, try different arrangements, take some pictures, make some paper cut outs, try hanging them again then finally decide and hang the gallery wall.  *sigh*  I am not going to lie, it was a lot of work but that is why I do what I do.  So you don’t have to!

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interior design specialized in kids bedrooms

If you have kids you know that reigning in the chaos is absolutely impossible.  Nevertheless, I do make attempts at teaching my son the value of a tidy space and cleaning up your messes.  This corner of my sons’ room is his toy corner.  That blue patterned box has a big marble building game in it.  The green Lego box is full of mega Legos, obviously.  The trunk has toys and books in it and the plastic bins on top have blocks and PlayDoh in them.  The shopping cart is usually full of random tiny toys that don’t really have a home.  All of these boxes and bins make clean up easier for my son.  He can grab the home they belong in and just toss them in.  I am happy he is cleaning up his own messes plus once all stacked up and put away, the collections of bins are pretty pleasing to the eye!

kids bedroom interior designer

This method of organization is utilized by me as well.  I have boxes and bins for all kinds of things.  This means that our house is full of decorative boxes and bins of all shapes and sizes.  If it’s a pretty box, I buy it.  I am sure I have something I can throw in there and if I don’t right now, I am sure that it will be used eventually.

bedroom dresser accessories

So the moral of this post?  Never feel guilty buying a pretty box, bin or basket.

You’re welcome.

dining room interior design tips

Our dining area is in an odd space.  Our home didn’t come with a great room or a separate dining room. There was a living room and a kitchen with a doorway between the two. Since my family gets together weekly for dinner, we needed to make a space for our big dining table.  Here is what the space looked like before we moved in.

dining room interior design images

Dining Room

living dining room interior design ideas

Living Room


dining room renovation


We needed to knock out that big opening and make it bigger; So we did!!



Now we can fit our big family dining table in the space but the kitchen is still separate from the living room.  So when everyone is over, they are sitting in the living room while I am in the next space not seeing them and feeling excluded.

I wanted a dining bench to bridge the gap.  A comfy place to sit and enjoy the conversations in both rooms.  SO now I bring it back to the purpose of this post, a dining bench.  I didn’t like anything I found on the market.  Either it was too boring or too white or had armrests that would bruise your thighs as you slid into the seat.  *grrr* The obvious solution for me was to make exactly what I wanted.

It was a long process and if I am honest with myself, I don’t love what I made but I do like it. It definitely fulfills my desires and I am pretty darn proud of myself and what I accomplished!

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